Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back to Berkeley.

I'm adjusting to being back in Berkeley after a wonderful whirlwind weekend in Los Angeles. I had an amazing time visiting my family, enjoying an early birthday celebration, and just getting the opportunity to relax at home. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and it always makes me realize how spoiled I was to grow up in LA with almost 365 days of sunshine per year. I think the Los Angeles skyline is the most breathtaking sight, even if others think it's just a bunch of tall buildings, seeing and appreciating it is an essential part about going home.

Los Angeles

When I was home in LA, I especially enjoyed watching old movies with my dad, including Casablanca. It's such a classic film, yet most of my friends have never seen it. I really recommend it – I'll watch it over and over again! It was a fun distraction from the films I'm watching for my film class this semester that focuses on race in American film during the 20th century. We're watching incredibly depressing and intense films, so I'm looking forward to later in the semester when we'll watch The Godfather, another of my absolute favorites.


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