Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Story of Purim.

Purim starts today at sundown! Purim is my favorite Jewish holiday because it includes all the elements of a good party: an epic story, cookies, booze, and lots of noise!

Here's a quick summary of Purim: in ancient times there was a very stupid king named Ahasuerus who married a beautiful Jewish girl named Esther. She had to keep being Jewish a secret because King Ahasuerus' advisor, Haman, was an evil man who hated the Jews, blamed all problems on them, and decided that they should all be killed. Luckily, Esther confessed to Ahasuerus that she was a Jew, convinced him that Haman was evil, and helped arrange for her uncle Mordechai to take Haman's place as vizier to the king.

Who wouldn't love such a juicy story in which good triumphs over evil and we celebrate by baking delicious pastries called hamantaschen? Other common ways to celebrate include people using noisemakers called groggers to boo Haman's name every time it is mentioned in retelling the tale of Purim, and drinking a lot to celebrate the fact that Esther saved the Jews! Also, people masquerade in festive costumes, which I plan on doing at various Purim parties this weekend. Happy Purim everyone!


Delicious hamantaschen!


Groggers used to boo Haman!

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