Sunday, February 7, 2010

Call Me Old Fashioned.

I spent the day shopping in San Francisco yesterday, and I discovered that I'm stuck in between categories of shoppers. Being in college means I'm trying to find my own style – I'm done with high school trends but not yet ready for the daily grind of boring work suits. At the same time, it's hard to be fashionable when you have class at 8 a.m. and want to succumb to wearing fake UGGs because they are warm and comfy, not because they are at all nice to look at.

I figured with all the shopping options in the city, I would be somewhat successful in picking up a few things I was looking for. Nope.

I felt out of place at Forever 21, where I usually find several basic clothing items, because I was surrounded by 13 year olds shopping for sparkly accessories and neon dresses that hurt my eyes. Not to mention that this store is notorious for blasting club hit remixes at maximum volume, with no regard for their customers' sanity.

After getting the feeling that I needed to look for something a little classier, I headed to Express, but their combination of button-down business casual for the workweek and shiny weekend clubwear just didn't do it for me. I couldn't deal with GAP, which I am not preppy or wealthy enough to shop at; and besides I'm not middle aged. Even Urban Outfitters let me down, because I'm not a chainsmoking hipster with a penchant for ironic mustaches, and I don't want to pay good money for clothes with more holes than fishnet stockings.

I guess I'm stuck in limbo, where I'm too old, thrifty, or not experimental enough to shop at stores I once frequented. At least I still ended up getting a pretty cute pair of ballet flats I had been looking for. Next week I'm hitting up Berkeley thrift stores to give it another try.


Forever 21 Fashion Don't.

I don't want to dress circa 1983 or incorporate leopard print.

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