Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer's Coming to a Close

With just a few weeks left until school starts, I'm trying to squeeze in a few more adventures in the Bay Area before I visit my family in Los Angeles. Between working, interning, and getting tutored for a math placement test I have to pass in order to graduate on time, this summer has turned out to be much more hectic than I expected.

Still, I'm glad to make time to go to the fabulous San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. The theme this year is Tough Guys: Images of Jewish Gangsters in Film, but I choose to go to two very different screenings. On Monday night I got to see contemporary Israeli short films, and tonight I'm planning on watching a documentary. A Small Act is about a Jewish woman who donated a few dollars per month to an impoverished young boy from Kenya who later went to Harvard and became a renowned human rights lawyer. He later established a scholarship fund in her name to thank her for helping him. I'm eager to see how the cycle of mitzvahs (good deeds) unfolds.


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